A quick review of the IDSA library, New Delhi

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I was at the IDSA library on Friday; will visit more this week.

A quick review follows:

Infrastructure: Awesome, huge, beautiful,spacious. Nice bathrooms, Chakachak/bright (read waste of money). Alas I can’t find a photo of the library on the net. I think I will carry my camera on the next visit tomorrow.

Books/Catalogue: Good collection on its areas/ only one computer for students 😦 ; extremely slow computer; Irritating computer and OPAC search; I did look at shelves only; full freedom to surf shelves. Shelves not labelled, alas!

Staff: Cooperative but government staff types only! Eating on desk; talking/chatting in office/counter. An administrative staff wrote “on week” instead of ‘one week’ on my approval application for using the library.

Photocopying: 50 page limit with books; innovative photocopy man will do even the whole book bypassing the official rule! Hurrah!

Canteen: Awesome! Catering by Residency Hotels; so expensive! But normal thali for lesser mortals like me only 25 Rupees and quite good! 🙂

Overall : Okay and good! Nice place to spend time and study! If I had a girlfriend I would have passed some time with her there sitting on those exquisite furniture in the huge hexagonal exquisite naturally-lit, thinly populated library! 😀

This is from the IDSA website:

The IDSA library has an excellent collection of more than 50,000 books covering the areas of national security, defence strategy, international relations, conflict and peace studies and related subjects. The library also has a number of reports and CD-ROM databases. In addition, the library subscribes to over 350 current journals both in print as well as in electronic/online versions. The library’s  resources are heavily used by the Institute’s scholars, members of the Institute and other external users.

The library is fully computerised and its catalogue can be accessed by the institute’s researchers on their terminals. The CD-ROM databases and online journals can also be accessed by researchers similarly.


Going to IDSA library

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This is 10 am and I am leaving for the IDSA library; will go by bus. It’s very close to JNU Campus (bus 615 to Munirka and then route no. 764 for Arjun Path @ 3 Rupees ticket).

May write a brief review of the IDSA library when I am back just as I did of the parliament library last year on my primary blog.

Back from JNU Library!

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So, JNU library disappointed me as usual. The volumes of the Current Digest of the Post Soviet Press were missing, as always.

Will go to the IDSA library tomorrow. Am a bit circumspective because the IDSA library has a reputation of being hostile to the JNUites (JNUites deserve a part of the blame in my opinion).

Had three aloo paranthas and dahi in luch today at the library canteen. Very average taste, alas! 😦

Will skip lunch in mess today!

March 26, 2009 at 11:12 AM | Posted in Diary, Libraries | Leave a comment

JNU library I am only now leaving for the JNU Central library. I hope I find material there that I am looking for. I know I am hoping against hope because the 9-floor towering JNU library is abysmal and JNU library sucks! 😦

Will not come back for lunch. Am kinda bored and will take lunch in the library canteen or some other canteen.


JNU Library today!

March 26, 2009 at 8:40 AM | Posted in Libraries | Leave a comment

Will surely visit the JNU Central library today to do a  quick reconnaissance  on the material availability on my topic. May go to the IDSA library tomorrow.

JNU library will disappoint me, needless to say. Need to do some quick research on the internet too to make a good reading list.

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